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The beautiful place of Pakistan"Gilgit Baltistan"

The beautiful place of Pakistan"Gilgit Baltistan"

Gilgit Baltistan is the northern part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and Tibet. Before 1840, the area was subdivided into different states, including Gilgit-Baltistan; In these areas, Gilgit and Baltistan were conquered by General Zor and Singh and the state was added to Jammu and Kashmir.

Gilgit and Baltistan. In 1848, the Dogra Sukh Raja of Kashmir was occupied by these areas, and when Pakistan was liberated, it was in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and Aqsa, Tibet. 

The people of this area fought for themselves in 1948 and gained independence in Gilgit, and on November 1, 1947, Gilgit was occupied by Muslim officers of the state forces and declared the an independent republic of Gilgit, sixteen days after that independence. 

Pakistan, through a deputy tehsildar, conspired with the local states and ended the free state and imposed the FCR. Since independence, the area was considered anonymous territory, known as the Northern Territory, but Zardari's government gave the region semi-provincial powers. 

It is the only region whose borders meet with four countries as well. Pakistan has fought three wars with neighbouring India, 48 war, Kargil war and Siachen war in the same region while in the war of 71 there were clashes in some of its border areas. 

Since many villages have been occupied by the Indians, this area is a defensive area, as well as the historic Silk Road, passes through it. In 2009, elections were held for the first time, giving the area a semi-provincial status. As a result, Syed Mehdi Shah, who belongs to the Pakistan Peoples Party, was elected the first Chief Minister.
The beautiful place of Pakistan"Gilgit Baltistan"

The Northern Territory has a population of 81 million, with a total area of ​​72971 square kilometres. Belti and Sheena are famous languages ​​here. 

Gilgit-Baltistan consists of three divisions Baltistan, Thea Mywar Gilgit. The Baltistan Division is comprised of the districts of Skardashgar, Kharming, Rondo and Ganache. 

The Gilgit division is comprised of Gilgit, Ghazar, Hunzurlinger districts. Whereas the Diu Mir Division comprises the districts of Daril, Tangier, Astor. 

In the north-west of Gilgit-Baltistan, Afghanistan is the Wakhan strip, which separates Gilgit-Baltistan from Tajikistan, while in the northeast, Xinjiang, China's Muslim-majority province, Xinjiang. Indian-occupied Kashmir in the southeast, Pakistani-occupied Kashmir in the south and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the west. 

The region has 50 peaks above 7,000 meters high. Karakoram, Himalayas and the Hindu Kush are among the three highest mountainous mountain ranges in the world. Situated in the same region, the world's second-highest peak. The three largest glaciers in the world are located in the same region.

Gilgit and Baltistan have many histories. It is a very beautiful place in Pakistan. 
The Gilgit is known for its natural beauty. There are many beautiful places in Gilgit. Which are discussed below;

Hunza, the beautiful valley in Gilgit:

Hunza, the beautiful valley in Gilgit:

Hunza is an area of ​​northern Pakistan. It is also known as Hunza Valley. It is located in the north from Gilgit along the Nagar and on the Silk Road. Located on the banks of the Silk Road 700 km from Islamabad, the valley is 2500 meters above sea level. Hassan Abdal made his way from Islamabad.

Abbottabad Mansehra That coat. Basham. Dasu. Glasses From Gilgit comes the chorus… Another route joins Balakot Naran and Babousar Pass-A-Chalas from Mansehra. 

The Hunza Valley is only 100 km from Gilgit and 2 hours' drive away ... Modern comfortable public transport from Rawalpindi to Gilgit-Hunza is available at all times. Gilgit can also be reached by plane from Islamabad. 

One day you can easily get to your car by resting on glass or sundown. The Karakoram Highway, which had been severely broken down, has now been widened above the glass and the carpet is being repaired, and the repair work of the Basham portion below is being completed rapidly. 

The valley is spread over an area of ​​7900 sq km ... Hunza used to have a local king called the Mir of Hunza. With the collapse of the state government in the Bhutto era, this system was ended in Hunza too. 

Even today, in Hunza, Mir is but only with honorary rank ... The Hunza Valley is a district in Gilgit-Baltistan. Where's the language Brochusky ... Which is considered the lonely and difficult language of the world ... Whereas Wakhi and Sheena language is also spoken. 

Hunza is generally regarded as the name of a city while it is the name of a valley that includes many small valleys and towns ... The valley is comprised of three areas  Upper Hunza (Gujal)  Central Hunza, Aliabad is the most important city of Lower Hunza, while Karimabad is famous for tourist bananas and the surrounding scenery. Karim Abad has a plethora of hotels. 

Cheap and expensive hotels of all qualifications are available ... While in a guest house and a room with shared beds, accommodation is also available on a very cheap monthly and weekly basis. 

There are high peaks around Karimabad, whose views are famous in the world. Among the peaks around Hunza are Raku Posha, Darian Pack, Golden Pack, Ultra Pack, Lady Finger Pack. 

Karim Abad Market is full of Hunza cultural commodities. Since Hunza has more foreign tourists than Pakistani tourists, this market seems a bit expensive ... The old house of Mir in Karimabad gives four moons to the beauty of Bali Fort, Karimabad. 

Nearly 700 years old this fort is about to be visited. There is another old town near the Karimabad, which is considered to be the oldest area of ​​the Hunza Valley in which the Talut Fort is 900 years old. 

One of the most popular places to visit in Hunza's Gurdwara in the morning is the Dwyer or Eagle Nest, which can be reached by foot or jeep. 

This place is famous for the sun's rays on the snow-covered peaks at sunrise and sunset. From here the beautiful track of the Ultra Pack and Ultra field also begins. 

The jeep can also be visited on the other side of the river, where the glaciers have a breathtaking view. The beautiful village of Manpana, located at the foot of Rakaposhi, is the perfect place to spend a whole day. 
Hunza, the beautiful valley in Gilgit:

The beautiful valleys of Namwal and Naphtar fill the hearts of tourists with joy. As a result of the natural disaster, the Atanabad Lake, which was built on the Hunza River, has now become a recreational place. 

The sailing boat becomes a memorable trip in the blue waters of the lake between the high mountains. Only one more day, crossing the lake can be easily reached by going to the village of Gulmat village, Burt Lake, Pasu village, Pakistan. 

Travelling to the world's highest Khunjerab Pass, located along China's border, is perhaps one of the most fascinating moments in the entire region. The whole journey from Islamabad to Hunza and the rest of the valley is four, five. Can be done at your convenience in seven and ten days. 

Hunza Ho or Hunza Upper valleys are available everywhere as well as hotels and locals in the form of local transport and guides. The entire region is hospitable and well-behaved, and considering the tourists as their source of income, they consider it mercy and try to have the best care. 

Many local tour companies in Lahore and Islamabad make arrangements with experienced staff in the form of a group of students, friends and families at a very reasonable cost.

Karimabad, the beautiful place of Gilgit:

Karimabad, the beautiful place of Gilgit:

Karimabad is the very beautiful and historic place of Hunza. It is a very beautiful city. The people of Karimabad are very hearty. They give very protocol to the visitors. 

K-2, the highest peak of Pakistan: 

K2, the highest peak of Pakistan:

There are 3 highest mountain ranges in the world. One of these is known as Korakaram, which begins at Jaglot, a place in Gilgit, Pakistan, and runs north-east to the Karakoram. 

The highest peak of the Karakoram mountain range is Shah Ghori, known worldwide as K-2. It also has the honour of being the second tallest mountain in the world. Located in Skardu, Pakistan, this mountain is one of the top mountain climbers. K-2 Shah Gori is located near the China border in Pakistan. 

The height of this mountain is 8611 meters 28,251 feet. K-2 was discovered in 1856 by "Thomas G. Montgomery". The original and regional name of K-2 is 'Shah Ghori' which means "King of the mountains". 

The K-2 is also known by a few other names, including Capmu Lambda 'Deep Song and Mount Godon Austin which showcases its greatness and awe. But it is known worldwide as K-2. The mountain was given the name by "Thomas G.

Montgomery" who discovered it. During his survey, he also observed the cliffs of the 5 highest peaks of the Karakoram range and named them after the "K" alias of the first letter "Karakoram". 

These include 1.K Meshair illusion, K-2 Shah Gauri, 3.K Broad pack, 4.K Geyser illusion 2 and K-5 Geyser illusion 1. Mountaineers have been labelled K-2 by the Mountaineers. 

The reason for this is its high rate of accidents during difficult climbs and climbs. The first 8 attempts to head K-2 were two-fours of failure, and during that effort, some climbers lost their lives. 

For the first time ever, the mountain ranges of Karakoram and Pakistan are honoured with two Italian cliffs. Chile Compagnie Nony and "Lenolas Daily" received the feat on July 31, 1954. 

The route from which the first successful ascent of K-2 was made is known as the "Abrozi Ridge". K2's Glacier is known as the 'Gideon Austin' Glacier. 

The K-2 base camp is just 8km from Concordia Valley, the location of the Gideon Austin, Baltero and Abruzzi Glaciers. Concordia is also known as the "court of the mountain gods". 

The K-2 camp starts at Skardu, Pakistan's last north-west Pakistan's "school" location. This is a 14 to 17-day track. 

Locations on the way to the 2-K base camp include Caesar Ground CoroPhone, Pivo, Lilly Go, Thingle, Erdoix, Gore One, Gore Two and Concord. Interestingly, K-2 has not yet surged in the cold season, while Mount Everest, the world's tallest peak, is 8,848 m (29028 ft). There is a picture of this mountain on the back of Pakistan's 50 rupee currency note.

Broad Peak, Gilgit Baltistan:

Broad Peak, Gilgit Baltistan:

Broad Peak is the 12th largest in the world and the fourth-highest in Pakistan. It is located on the Pakistan-China border in the Karakoram chain. Its height is 8047 m / 26400 ft. It was first headlined by an Austrian team on June 9, 1957.

It is 8 km from Kew. Its peak is approximately ½1 km long. So his name is Broad Pack. The local name is Fai-chan Kangri or Phalchin Kangri. (But that is not true) Broadcast is Pakistan's fourth and 12th highest peak in the world. 

The surface is located in Gilgit-Baltistan, near the Pak-China border, at an altitude of 8,000 acre or ninety-eight meters, twenty-four thousand fourteen feet above sea level. 

It is also part of the icy glowing wall of the Gopher illusion and is one of the peaks of the series. It is located between K2 and Gusher illusion 4. Because of its peak width, it is called a Broad Pack. It was also discovered by Thomas Montgomery during a survey of India in 1856.

Broad peak was first headed by the Austrian Koh Pima team in 1957, including Herman Bohl, the first to head to Nanga Parbat. However, in the harsh winter weather, the Polish team headed for the first time in 2013, about two kilometres long and uneven peaks of Broadcast. 

Adam Balchik was also on the team. Adam Balchky was also part of the team heading to Gasherbrum 1 in the winter a year ago. 

Heading just 8km from Broad to Peak, the climbers are relatively easy to find, but snowstorms and storms continue to hinder them. 

Hassan Sad Para has flown the green flag on the top of the Broad Peak in 2007 and Karim Hayat 2014. Most western slopes are used to reach the height of the 2016 Broad Peak. 

For the first time, a French paraglider set a record by paragliding on a Broad peak. It is no small honour for Pakistan that for the first time in the history of para-gliding, the peak at which it was flying over eight thousand meters is a broadcast.

Khanaq-e-Mullah Noorbakshia Khaplu Bala, Gilgit:

Khanaq-e-Mullah Noorbakshia Khaplu Bala, Gilgit:

It is the largest Khanqah, made of mud and wood. It is a very historic Khanqah.
It was built by Mir Mukhtar Akhyar 400 years ago. It was established in the year 1370. It is the most famous landmark. 

Daimer Basha Dam Site, Gilgit Baltistan:

Daimer Basha Dam Site, Gilgit Baltistan:

Bhasha Dam is important for the future of Pakistan and may also be helpful in reducing the extent of Kala Bagh Dam.

Nespak has taken over the construction of the Basha Dam.

The contract has been finalized in Nespak and Wapda and Nespak will provide its specialist consulting engineering services for the project of national importance, under the contract the consultants will complete the work within a period of 6 months.

The Daimar Bhasha Dam will be built on the Indus River and preliminary works have been started. The engineering design and environmental restoration work of the dam was completed in 2008. 

Nespak is proud to be the only company in the country that has completed the largest number of dam and hydropower projects in Pakistan and 12 other countries.

Gilgit Baltistan Hotels:

Gilgit Baltistan Hotels:

There are many beautiful and luxury hotels are in Gilgit. These are very good in every aspect. These are discussed below;

Gilgit Serena Hotel:

Gilgit Serena Hotel:

Serena Hotel is a very beautiful and luxury hotel in the Gilgit. This is a very wide and beautiful comfortable hotel in Gilgit. Gym facility is also available in this Hotel. 

Park Hotel Gilgit:

Park Hotel Gilgit is a very beautiful hotel in Gilgit. It is a park view hotel. The rooms in the hotel are very beautiful and comfortable.

Biltit Heritage Hotel, Gilgit:

Biltit Heritage Hotel, Gilgit:

Biltit Heritage is a very beautiful hotel in Gilgit. It is the top-rated 3-star Hotel. The visitors like to take rest and get refreshment from this hotel. 

Shangrila resort Hotel, Gilgit:

Shangrila resort Hotel, Gilgit:

Shangrila Resort is a very beautiful and attractive hotel in Gilgit. It is a 4-star hotel. All the visitors visit that hotel very likely.

If you visit Gilgit Baltistan then must read the passage carefully, so the journey will become easy. Gilgit Baltistan is a very beautiful place for visiting.