Top 10 beautiful cities in Turkey / Beautiful Turkish attractions

Top 10 beautiful cities in Turkey for tourism

Top 10 beautiful cities in Turkey for tourism

Turkey is a beautiful and attractive country for tourism. It is an Islamic country. The Tourism industry of Turkey is working very seriously in their country. The Country who has many tourist points can earn much money. So these countries can make their economy well settled.  

The Turkish government is very intelligent. The President of Turkey Tayyab Urdgaan make much decision and plans on the basis of tourism industries. 

Turkey is a very adorable country. The cities of Turkey are very adorable. We mentioned the other important and beautiful cities of Turkey in previous articles. Here, the last ten cities are discussed below;

Edirne, the hearty place in Turkey:

Edirne, the hearty place in Turkey:

Edirne is one of the beautiful cities in Turkey. This city is the capital of Edirne Province in Turkey.

The city of Edirne is located in the Thrace area in the western Turkish province near the Greek-Bulgarian border. The population of the city is estimated at 6.5 times a year.

The province of Adrena is under the central Turkish rule of a democratic parliamentary system. In this kind of government, the president is at the top of the country and the prime minister at the top. 

The legislature is governed by the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the executive branch is governed by a cabinet and the judiciary is fully independent of the parliament and ministers.

The current capital of the province, the city of Adrianople, was the third capital of the Ottoman Empire between the years 1 and 2. 

The city was occupied once by the Russian forces once a year, during the Greek War of Independence, and once again during the Russian and Ottoman wars. 

In year 2, Edirne was occupied by the Bulgarians for a short time, and by the Greeks for two years under the Treaty of Sur. Adrianne was finally liberated in the 5th year with the victory in the Turkish War of Independence.

The climate in Adrianople is warm and temperate, with a significant rainfall. Even in the driest months, the province experiences heavy rainfall. The average annual temperature is reported to be around 2 degrees Celsius.

The nearest international airport to Adrena is Ataturk International Airport. Although the Adrenaline Terminal is on the way out of the city, some minibuses take passengers free of charge to the city centre. 

The Western Europe daily train stops at Kapi Kule Station near the Bulgarian border and the daily train departs from Istanbul to Adrena.

Famous souvenirs in Adrianople include fruity soaps, almond sweets and broom. You can go to The Grand Bazaar of Edirne and Margi Outlet to shop.

Historic attractions top the list of sights in Adrianople, including the "Beyazid II Kulliyesi Health Museum", the "Edirne Archeology Museum", the "Museum of Islamic and Turkish Art" ( Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum), the Balkan War Museum and the Enez Castle.

Alacati, Turkish attractions:

Alacati, Turkish attractions:

If you are looking for trendy hotels, multi-storey shopping malls and modern and luxurious hotels while travelling to Turkey, never travel to Alacati and Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Bodrum, Marmaris and more are the best choice for your travel destination. 

But if staying in stone houses for more than 100 years, enjoying a delectable and healthy rural breakfast, strolling through the narrow cobblestone streets and paths adorned with colourful paper flowers, relax and relax Drink coffee in the stone and wood houses and enjoy gentle Turkish and Greek music or visit old shops and buy handicrafts and antiques. 

Where is Alacati? In this case, we have the following:

Where is Alacati? In this case, we have the following:

Alacati is Located 75 km west of Izmir, one of the major ports of western Turkey, at the entrance to the Fountain Peninsula from the Aegean coastal areas, there is a small town surrounded by unique stone houses, alleys and paths. 

It is now the destination of many tourists from all over the world. This small town is 10 km from the seaside town of Cheshmeh and is 2 km from the long and extensive Ilijas Beach in the north and Alacati Bay in the south. 

From Adnan Mandarres Airport to Izmir or from the centre of the city, there are regular and well-equipped transport lines by bus and minibus to Alacati, or if you are a little more prosperous, take a taxi to that small town. And yet beautiful and unique. Alachati now has a population of about 12,000.

Sirince, Turkey an ancient city:

Sirince, Turkey an ancient city:

Shirinjeh is a small, beautiful village on the hills southwest of Izmir where old houses with white walls next to wooden ceilings and paving streets make you like it. In this case, we have the following:

Prior to the war between Greece and Turkey, the area was a Greek village inhabited by this small and beautiful village during the Ottoman Empire, which was originally named Cirkince meaning "ugly", perhaps by the name This name will cause fewer people to follow. 

Following an agreement between Greece and Turkey in 1923, the Turkish government returned the Greek Christians, most of whom lived in the village, and the Greeks also returned the Muslim Turks to Turkey, and the Turks replaced the Greeks living there. They became the village and changed their name from Cirkince to Sirince meaning "sweet and pleasant".

Shirinjeh village is not only popular with Turkish tourists today but tourists from other countries have also recently welcomed it. The Greek houses have their original appearance and the pristine nature and the natural and organic fruits of this village are the reasons that attract many tourists. In this case, we have the following:

The village is small and you can easily walk around and see the whole village, in addition to the various restaurants in the village tasting a variety of local dishes made with fresh and natural food. 

Or if you would like to spend the night in a quiet and peaceful village there are some affordable hotels in the village, some of which are villas renovated and rented out as suites to families. be. In this case, we have the following:

It is not difficult to get to Chirac, if you travel to Izmir or visit Kusadasi to visit Ephesus, you can easily reach the town of Selcuk, eight kilometres from Chirac. 

You can go to this village with a minibus. Minibuses travel from Seljuk to Chrysanthemum every hour, and it takes less than 20 minutes. In this case, we have the following:

If you want to go to this village, it is advisable to postpone your trip to non-weekends (especially Sundays) as there is a large crowd of locals and Turkish tourists on Sundays and especially on weekends. The area is coming and if you want to get the most out of your trip, you should go to a quieter village.

Sanliurfa, a beautiful city in Turkey:

Sanliurfa, a beautiful city in Turkey:

In the Mesopotamian period, the city of Sanliurfa was known as the city of Edessa and was on the trade route between Europe, Asia and Africa. 

The city has witnessed many historical developments in Turkish history, such as the invasion of Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Alexander the Great. 

Sanliurfa is considered to be the birthplace of the Prophet Abraham, who was burnt by fire according to Jewish and Islamic tradition, and by God's permission turned the fire into water. 

Where the incident occurred is said to be the courtyard of the Halil Rahman Mosque, a quiet pool surrounded by inlaid walls and mosque minarets. Visit Sanliurfa on a cheap Turkey tour and get lost in Turkey's secrets and secrets.

Sanliurfa is a historical city in Turkey. It is a beautiful country and the tourists are coming very fastly there. 

Mardin,  places to visit Turkey:

Mardin,  places to visit Turkey:

Mardin is located in southeastern Anatolia and is one of the spectacular cities in Turkey. The whole city is registered as an old place by UNESCO and is known for its old buildings next to its hills. 

At the top of the hill is a tall castle: an old fortress used in military operations and not only accessible to tourists, but also gives the city a distinctive appearance. It is the centre of a variety of mosques and churches. 

Among them is the Great Mosque, built in the 12th century and its minarets can be seen from the winding streets of the city. The Deyruz-Zfaran monastery is also one of the oldest monasteries in the world.

Gaziantep, the tourist cities of Turkey:

Gaziantep, the tourist cities of Turkey:

Gaziantep is a beautiful and historic country in Turkey. It is a lovely sight. Tourists usually come here to see the historical museums, Zos and paintings. People are very intelligent. The tourists always enjoyed there. 

Gocek, Turkish attractions:

Gocek, Turkish attractions:

Gocek is the historical and beautiful city of Turkey. There are also very beautiful harbours, marinas and beaches. Gocek is a beautiful city in Turkey. People of Gocek are very intelligent. They enjoyed there lives. large numbers of Tourists are coming there. 

Derinkuyu, Turkish beautiful city:

Derinkuyu, Turkish beautiful city:

One of the most famous underground cities of Cappadocia is Dinkoio, built during the Byzantine era, and its inhabitants used the city to protect themselves from Muslim Arabs during the Arab and Byzantine wars between 780 and 1180. 

The multi-storey city consists of many passages and caves used for various purposes, about 60 meters underground and capable of accommodating about 2,000 people including livestock and food. Cappadocia's largest underground city, Derinkuyu, opened to the public in 1969, and only half of the city is accessible for visitors.

What you'll see in the underground city of Derinkuyu. At its entrance, the city has two large stone doors that locked in times of danger. 

Each floor also has its own floor, and the caves also include the expected extra space of the city, including storage, wine storage, stables and churches. Although its inhabitants may have been concealed, they lived their lives to the full, just as much on earth. 

One of the most beautiful houses in Derinkuyu is a large arched room that is thought to be a religious school with separate study rooms. 

Climbing up and down the stairs, visitors are guided through the different floors of the wonderful city, a ventilation shaft or an old church showcasing how the caves were once intertwined with everyday life. 

In addition, Derinkuyu has also been connected to other underground cities through a complex network of tunnels.

Datca, the beautiful city of Turkey:

Datca, the beautiful city of Turkey:

Turkish beautiful attraction is Datca. Datca is a city of Turkey. Datca island is very beautiful. It is one of the most beautiful islands in Turkey. 

A famous historian named Strabo once said, "God sent his beloved creatures to Datca so that they could live longer." He has spoken about Datka, which is the site of the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

There are three bays in Dattaka, located in the village of Mesudiye, the most beautiful of which is Ouaboku Bay. 

The other two bays are Heitboku and Palamotboku. There are many beautiful residences and houses with a garden in the area for accommodation.

Avabucco remains one of the best pristine beaches in Turkey and is where you can fully experience rural life. The nearest airport to Ovabuko is Dalaman Airport.

Getting to beautiful places is a little difficult, and the law applies to Avabucco and the road is long. Maybe that's why it's not too busy. So enjoy the clear blue water and relax on this beach.

Icmeler, the city of beaches and water parks:

Icmeler, the city of beaches and water parks:

Icmeler is a very beautiful city to watch. The Icmemer is the tourist city. The tourist likes to visit that place. People of this city are very hearty. 

The Icmeler is the part of Marmaris, Turkey. The beach of Icmeler is very beautiful and the tourists' attractive place. Tourists are very happy to go there.

If you want to see the above places, then must watch the above article carefully. The above article will help you the most. 

Turkey is a good and peaceful country.   


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