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Importance of Tourism in Switzerland

Importance of Tourism in Switzerland
Switzerland is a beautiful and adorable country in the world. The tourism industry in Switzerland is working very hard. The government of Switzerland makes much money. The economy of the country depends much on the tourism industry. So the Switzerland is a good economist country due to its tourism industry. 

Introductions to famous and beauty of Swiss:

Introductions to famous and beauty of Swiss:

Switzerland The official name of the Swiss Confederation is a country in western Europe that is bordered by Germany to the north, Austria to Austria and Liechtenstein, Italy to the south, and France to the west. It should be noted that this country is the origin of the Arash family.

It has a population of 2.5 million people and an area of ​​more than 1.2 square kilometres. Switzerland is a country called the Federal Republic of Taekwondo and consists of four states called the Canton.

The Swiss capital is Berne and its economic hubs are the two world cities of Geneva and Zurich. Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world and has a per capita income of $ 2 per person, one of the highest in the world.

Switzerland is a multilingual country with four German, French, Italian and Romanian languages ​​recognized.

Introductions to famous and beauty of Swiss:

Switzerland has a long track record of neutrality in international relations so that the country has not been involved in any wars since the last five years. 

It is home to many international organizations such as the Red Cross and the World Trade Organization. One of the two European offices of the United Nations is also located in Geneva.

Switzerland is set to be celebrated on August 7, and this is a national holiday in Switzerland. Switzerland has the best and highest quality of life in the world, according to the Economist Economic Information Unit's report on the quality of life standard.

The seven largest cities respectively. Economic centres are Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Bern, Lausanne, Winterthur and Lucerne.

According to its position, the country participates in the three neighbouring language spaces, the German-speaking in Switzerland, the French-speaking in the Suisse novel and the Italian-speaking in the Italian Switzerland; as the fourth speech space comes the rhetoromanic addition. 

The four said languages ​​are also the official language of the Federal Government to protect no one, according to the national sign «CH», the abbreviation for the speech-neutral Late Confederation Helvetica.

The Swiss Eid Society is a federal state consisting of 26 part-sovereign cantons. The government and parliament seat is the federal city of Bern. 

Switzerland is considered a nation of will; national identity and the cohesion of Switzerland are not based on a common language, ethnic origin or religion, but on intercultural factors such as beliefs and direct democracy, a high degree of local and regional autonomy as well as a distinct culture of compromise preparedness in the area of ​​compromise. For the self-understanding is basically about the lasting neutrality.

Introductions to famous and beauty of Swiss:

The Swiss Eid Society came from the so-called Urkantonen Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden. 

As the unofficial and mythologized founding document, the Federal Letter of 1291 applies, the oldest yet obtained covenant science. 

In the Westphalian Peace of 1648, their constitutional independence was recognized. The present federal state has existed since 1848. 

The name Switzerland originated from Urkanton Schwyz or the other. of the same main town.

On the index of human development, Switzerland occupied second place in 2019 and thus counts to the most highly developed countries. 

Although it occupies the 13th rank according to the country's size, and according to the population's 98th ranking, it holds the 20th rank of the largest economies of the earth.

There are many beautiful towns are there in Switzerland. The tourists are very excited about visiting those beautiful places. 

Switzerland Tourism Industry:

Switzerland Tourism Industry:

In the 2011 report of the World Economic Forum, which ranked the competitiveness index in the tourism and travel industry among 139 countries, Switzerland ranks first in the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index. 

Germany, Austria, Spain came in next, and Iran ranked 98th. The European country of Switzerland, with about 8 million people in recent years, is one of the most successful countries in the world in terms of attracting tourists and is among the 140 most competitive countries in the world.

In its 2013 report on the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index, the World Economic Forum praised Switzerland for its government's new strategy for attracting tourists after experiencing mountain tourism in the Alps by introducing tourism to water resources.
                     Switzerland Tourism Industry:
Including lakes, rivers and spas focused the beautiful Alpine region tops the indicators of tourism competitiveness.

Switzerland, which hosted more than 5.8 million tourists in 2012, also topped the competitiveness indicators in 2011 and 2009. 

In 2012, Switzerland's tourism industry's share of GDP was about $ 5 billion and $ 578 million, or 5.2 per cent. 

The report also shows that there are currently 153,000 people in the tourism and related industries, which is 3.3% of the total workforce in Switzerland.

Germany, Austria, Spain, Britain, the United States, France, Canada, Sweden, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Japan and Hong Kong rank second to 15th. Iran is ranked 98, UAE 28, Qatar 41, China 45, Turkey 46, Bahrain 55, Saudi Arabia 62, Russia 63, India 65, Egypt Ranked 85 and Pakistan 122.

Switzerland is known for its mountains, clocks, chocolates, cheese and political neutrality, the beautiful Alps in Switzerland are a spectacular place to visit. 

It has some of its own unique characteristics, such as the fact that it has three official national languages. Depending on each region of Switzerland, tourists will find French, Italian and German. 

Although there is no Swiss-language language, there is a German dialect called Swiss-German that is often revered by those who live near the German border.

Importance of tourism in Switzerland:

Importance of tourism in Switzerland:

Tourism is an important industry in Switzerland. As a destination, it is favoured by the Alps, the great beauty of many parts of the country, the good infrastructure and the central location in Europe. 

Nature and landscape that seemed hostile and difficult to access 200 years ago today form the basis of Swiss tourism.

In the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017 of the World Economic Forum, the country ranks 10th out of 136 countries, the only weakness is the high price level in Switzerland.

Importance of tourism in Switzerland for Country's economy:

Importance of tourism in Switzerland for Country's economy:

Switzerland tourism plays an important role in the economy of the country. The below statement will be given clearances to you;
Economic performance and added value
Origin of tourists in Switzerland 2017
Country of origin Percentage
Switzerland 56.8
Germany 12.5
Great Britain 3.0
USA 3.0
Netherlands 2.9
France 2.8
China 2.4
Italy 1.9
Belgium 1.7
India 1.1

The industry's turnover in 2013 was just under CHF 35 billion, with traditional tourism - accommodation and catering in restaurants and hotels (catering and hotel industry) generating two-thirds of the turnover.

Foreign guests spent CHF 15.6 billion in Switzerland in 2011. With 5.2% of total export income in 2011, tourism is the fourth largest source of export income in Switzerland, right behind the chemical industry, the metal and machine industry and the watch industry. 

For years now, the tourism balance has also shown an active balance (e.g. CHF 3.2 billion in 2011), which means that foreign travellers in Switzerland spend more than Swiss travellers abroad.

Importance of tourism in Switzerland for Country's economy:

In 2016, 65.4% of all restaurants wrote losses; and also the tourism balance was negative for the first time in a long time with 300 million Swiss francs. In 2017 the deficit was CHF 122 million.

Overall, tourism is currently declining in importance; in 2012 the direct share of gross domestic product (GDP) was only 2.6% (with around 200,000 employees), and in the total value-added with consequential effects around 8%. 

The share of employees fell from 5.7% in 2003 (hotels and restaurants) to 4.4% in 2012. However, tourism is still of central importance, especially for the structurally weaker Alpine cantons. The sector sees forecasts rising again in the medium term.

Switzerland best places to stay for tourists:

Switzerland best places to stay for tourists:

There are many beautiful places in Switzerland to stay in. The tourists get very enjoyment in many places.
Switzerland best places to stay for tourists:

 The restaurants are very beautiful and comfortable. These are mentioned below; 
  • Restaurant Hotel de Ville
  • Cheval Blance
  • Maison Manesse
  • Pavillon
  • Kindli
  • Chez Vrony
  • Zeughauskeller
  • Kronenhalle
  • Kornhauskeller
The above luxury restaurants are very important and beautiful. These are the best places for tourists to stay in.  
The tourism industry of Switzerland is a very economical industry in the world. 


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